Day Three – Hollywood Studios

Up early again and a walk along the lake to Hollywood Studios.

First up we registered the kids for a Jedi training then managed to get on to Slinky Dog Dash ride. When we came out the line was quite long so we did well there.

Next was Flying saucers which was more fun than Jo and I thought it would be – the kids loved it

Quick stop for a snack then it was Toy story Mania a shot em up ride

Then it was time for the kids to train as Jedi warriors. They were so successful they managed to defeat Darth Vader and Kylo Ren

We were right next to Star Tours so we did that twice. It’s a simulation ride with around 50 combinations of simulation so we went straight round and did it again

We had lunch and managed to avoid the Storm Troopers. Then we downloaded the Jedi training pictures and took a boat back to our hotel and spent a couple of hours at the pool before heading back into Epcot and dinner at Garden Grill. We met Mickey Pluto and Chip and Dale