Day 2 Magic Kingdom

We got up early and got a bus to Magic Kingdom where we could get Magic Early Hours as we were staying in a Disney hotel. We were in the park by 7am.

We started the day with Winnie The Pooh ride and Peter Pan. Then we watched the park opening show in front of the castle

Next was the teacups which are a favourite for Jo. Then Dumbo for Isobel and Sam in one car and Dan and Niamh in another. Then we did Under The Sea and went up to Gaston’s Tavern for a drink of Le Feu’s Brew. Different but kind of nice

No trip to Disney isn’t complete without a ride on It’s A Small World. Completely weird and the most annoying song in the world but it has to be done.

Next was Haunted Mansion. Kind of fun but Sam didn’t like it at all. We went into Enchanted Tiki Room which was a load on animated parrots and other birds singing.

Next up was Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That was a good one with an in expected drop and a part where you got between two pirate ships fighting so some spray to get you a little wet. This was a favourite.

Peter Pan next which is a good one with a car that flys around the world of Peter Pan and Neverland

All this by 11:35 which was when we went to Chrystal Palace for lunch and we met Pooh, Piglet, Eyore and Tigger which made Sam happy as he is his favourite. Sam showed him his Tigger toy.

We then watched the main parade outside the Liberty Tree Tavern.

We then did Pirates ride again and then Aladdin Magic Carpet ride then Jungle Cruise with some truly awful jokes from the guide.

Finally Seven Dwarves Mine Train which was a good fast ride but the kids still thought Pirates was the best of the day