Why Graph Technology Is Ready For Its Close Up In 2016 – Forbes


Graph databases intrigue me. Would really like to be able to integrate them in to my daily work.

It would be a big shift for a company that came from a mainframe and transitioned to a J2EE environment backed by Big Blue’s RDBMS.

Really feel though that our domain could employ graphs to be really powerful

Tips for testing home entertainment systems

With thanks to Thanley at AVForums.com here are some tips for top movie scenes to test a home entertainment system

1st up was opening sequence to Starwars to test the surrounds and the bass as you should feel the star destroyer approach before you see it and laser cannons should be pinging from the surrounds building up to a crescendo of noise as it passes over head. It did so and with some aplomb, transition from surround to front stage was flawless, sounds were solid and positional effects were spot on. what impressed me the most was how spacious the front soundstage was as it a soundbar that’s about a meter long and yet some how manages to sound as if the speakers were much further apart.

2nd up were 2 sequences from Aliens the first is at the beginning where Ripley is in her cryo tube and the laser scans the room, I use this to test the subtlety of the bass and the fronts and surrounds working together to create a sweeping panning motion you can almost feel gushing past you and again the sony came up trumps. 2nd sequence is the fight between Ripley and the Queen in the loader bay. I use this one to test the bass and positional effects and this one was a real surprise, the bass was tight and the positional effects were again spot on however this time around it sounded more open and spacious, I could hear clanging metal echo from outside of the main soundstage that I hadn’t heard before and again the front stage was thrown wide open its hard to describe in words but it was different to what I have been used to and I didn’t expect to be as surprised as I was a huge thumbs up to sony for that one.

3rd up was Saving Private Ryan the beach landing I use this one to test the centre speaker dialogue as there is so much going on in the other speakers I find it a good teat, again it was handled brilliantly vocals were rock solid and there was no bleed to either left or right fronts that I could pick up on mothing overly exciting or negative just did the job well and kept you focused on the dialogue.

4th and last test was House of Flying Daggers the dance scene omfg it sounded superb, each hit of the drums have been the best I have heard yet. the panning and the subtle bass effects were way beyond what I expected from a sound bar and the scene where all the nuts fly across the room bouncing of the drums gave me goose bumps. The subtle tingles from her headdress and the applause from the audience truly demonstrate the this bit of kit is not just all about big bangs and crashes it also does quiet and subtlety in equal measure. Also the Bamboo fight is a joy to listen to too.